Blue and Golden Labradorite Collection

Here is a nice collection of my Blue and Golden Labradorite pendants, all wrapped in 925 sterling silver wire.

I use square and half round wire in 21 gauge to create the wire wrap, the aim is to try to mount the cabochon in a very secure way but at the same time try to exhibit as much of the stone as possible.

With this method of stone mounting you only use wire and a few hand tools, there are no glues or soldering involved and at times it does present a challenge but the finished items are always very unique and rewarding.

Most of these items shown here have been exhibited before but this time they have been photographed in the light tent with correct lighting, although the problem with Labradorite is capturing its full effect as its all dependant on the angle that the light hits it, I am still figuring this out.

We have many more blue and golden Labradorite cabochons to mount in this way and they will get wrapped in the fullness of time.

In the meantime, enjoy and please feel free to make comments both good and bad as they all help in the learning process so they we can create better items.

These items are destined to be placed on Shalini’s on line jewellery shop in the near future which can be found at

A small Labradorite pendant collection.
A small Labradorite pendant collection.

Thankyou for looking.


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  1. Hi Robyn,

    thank you very much for your comments, makes it all worth while so to speak.

    Best regards


  2. Gorgeous – Loving #1 & #3 you do a really nice job with the wrapping – clean and well thought out!

    Robyn Hawk

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