Golden Labradorite Pendant In 925 Sterling Silver Wire

I have just wrapped one of the golden Labradorite cabochons shown in a recent post, it took a while to determine the correct location of the bail to capture and display the Labradoresence to best effect. This is largest free form cabochon I have ever wrapped and although challenging it was very satisfying in the end.

Golden Labradorite Pendant In Sterling Silver Wire

This piece is especially attractive because it also has the really interesting deep black vein which is surround by deep blues, all framed by the lovely golden colour. Depending on the angle that the pendant is viewed from, a different pattern will be seen.

The pendant used 110” of sterling silver wire, all 21 gauge. The main support wires are made from square wire and the binding is made from ½ round wire.

The pendant dimensions are:

Height (including bail) as it hangs: 56mm

Width: 59mm

Thickness: 10mm

Weight: 32 grams or 158 ct

This Golden Labradorite pendant is now available for purchase in our Jewellery showroom at:

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    • Dave
    • December 30, 2009

    Hi there, thanks so much for you comments, yes I am proud of this item because I made it from rough stone through to finished item.

    All the best


  1. Thanks for showing off a close up of your work. This is a really nice piece of jewelry! I envy those of you who make wire wrapping look so effortlessly done! 🙂

    • Dave
    • June 26, 2009

    Hi, thank you, this is my prefered style of wrapping, keeping it simple so that it doesn’t take the eye away from the stone. I now have another 14 Labradorite cabs to wrap as soon as I get time.

    Best regards


  2. Dave, this is the perfect example of how a simple (but beautiful) wire wrap can be. That stone doesn’t need anything extra around it as it is stunning.

    • Dave
    • June 13, 2009

    Hi, glad you found it useful.

    Best regards


  3. Hi, gr8 post thanks for posting. Information is useful!

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