Wire Wrapped Ent

Close up view my wire wrapped Ents upper torso

Well I finally finished my wrire wrapped Ent, he no longer looks like a Peperami with arms and legs. I worked out how to fashion his face and a beard and he also has leaves now as well, so yes he looks more like an Ent now.

A New Wire Sculpture

A first attempt at creating a wire sculpture Ent

I have just spent the last couple of days trying to create a new form of wire tree sculpture based on the Ents from the Lord of the Rings films.

Pure Copper Wire Bonsai Tree Sculpture

Bonsai Wire Tree Sculpture

The wire sculpture took approximately 10 hours to complete from star to finish, perhaps the most difficult part is hammering the end of the wire twigs flat to form the leaves, because space can because quite tight with so many leaves all being is a very confined space.