Lapidary Machines

Lapidary machines that we use in our workshop

lapidary workshop heater

Lapidary Workshop Heater

Thanks heavens for trusty old lapidary workshop heater! Yesterday I had to do some work for one of Shalini’s clients. They had sent her some stones, not sure what they are, to be made into a pendant and two sets of earrings. To be honest I was a bit dubious about going out in the […]

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rock saw blade

Rock Saw Blade Change

The time had finally arrived for me to change the rock saw blade, as you can see from the picture it really is worn out! I reckon it’s been on the saw for about 5 years at least and has had some pretty rough treatment. So for a budget green blade it’s done very well […]

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Evans CR2 original and replacement motors

Evans CR2 Rock Tumbler Replacement Motor

Evans CR2 Rock Tumbler Replacement Motor Our Evans CR2 Rock Tumbler recently stopped working properly. It would run for several hours and then just stop. Not only was it a problem that the machine had stopped. It was more of a problem because the motor was getting very hot and could have posed a fire […]

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motor problem on our evans cr2 rock tumbler

Motor Problem on an Evans CR2 Rock Tumbler

We have a Motor Problem on our Evans CR2 Rock Tumbler We have started experiencing  a motor problem on one of our Evans CR2 Rock Tumblers in that after several hour running it will stop. As there in no thermal cut out the motor just gets hotter and hotter and could become a fire risk […]

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evo stick contact adhesive

Rubber Barrel Inner Seal Repair – Rock Tumblers

How to do a Rubber Barrel Inner Seal Repair In this post I will explain how to repair rubber barrel inner seal. The inner seal on the Evans Cr02 rubber tumbling barrel comprises of two parts, an aluminium top plate with threaded shaft attached and a piece of rubber that’s bonded to the aluminium plate. On […]

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The finished cabochon machine

A new Diamond Cabochon machine – conclusion

Over the last two days I completed the build of this new machine. As it’s a clean machine as explained in my last post, it won’t need drip trays to collects water or anything like that, so it was decided that the machine would be mounted direct to the bench in a static position. This […]

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Details view of cabing machine shaft showing threaded end with nut

A new Diamond Cabochon machine part 1

A new addition to our stable of homemade Lapidary machines, this one will be a 4 wheel cabochon machine using for rubber expanding drums fitted with REZ belts which will be charged with diamond paste of different mesh.

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Pull the bearing from the shaft

Evans CR2 Tumbler Cleaning

We have been running 2 Evans CR2 tumbling machines for almost a year now, but we have had a few problems with them in that they would stall and stop without warning.

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Cabachon machine and polishing area

Lapidary Workshop Rebuilt

We have been talking for quite while now about rebuilding our Lapidary workshop in order to make it more efficient

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