Cabochons that we have produced from our rough rocks ready for being used in Shalini’s jewellery.


Two Amethyst Cabochon Sets

Over the last couple of days I have been cutting and polishing two Amethyst cabochon sets, one is triangular with a curved bottom and the other is a more traditional oval shape. These were cut from the darker parts of a couple of lumps of Chevron Amethyst, I find these pieces of chevron tend to […]

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Amethyst Pendant

Shalini had a request for a large Amethyst pendant, her client wanted the deepest purple we had and as large as possible. The only way that we could satisfy this request was to cut the dark purple area out of a lump of chevron, thankfully this worked and the pendant, wrapped in gold filled wire […]

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A slab of golden Labradorite

Golden Labradorite Cabochons

I recently slabbed some Labradorite to try and increase my understanding of how to orientate it prior to cutting on the rock saw. Fortunately it appears that my understanding has grown as I was very satisfied with the outcome. I then gave all of the Labradorite slabs a good clean and then selected one to […]

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Drilled Flint Free Form Cab

Flint Cabochons

Flint really does come up lovely with such a deep lustre using cerium oxide polish on a felt wheel.

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Labradorite Cab

Labradorite Cabs – Cabochon – First Attempt

My first attempt at cutting and polishing Labradorite was an experiment

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