Got to get some Cabachons made

As you will be aware, the rough rock shop is live. So now I have to get some Cabochons made to go in the shop, think I will start with some Labradorite and then do some Lapis Lazuli, simply because O have some of these two already slabbed, now I just need to make the […]

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Labradorite Slabs

I am considering offering Labradorite slabs soon in our shop.

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Wire wrapped Labradorite Freeform Cabochon

Labradorite Cabochon Wrapped In 925 Sterling Silver Wire

I selected two of the Labradorite freeform cabochons from the first batch I had recently created, I was looking for the two that had the best display of labradorecense.

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Labradorite Cab

Labradorite Cabs – Cabochon – First Attempt

My first attempt at cutting and polishing Labradorite was an experiment

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