rock tumbling

rock tumbling progress, - contents of 80 grit barrels

Rock Tumbling Progress

Time to report on our rock tumbling progress after another week has passed us by. Yes the tumbling machines have been hard at it again 24/7 for the last 7 days. This morning they get to talk a short break while we empty the barrels and check the contents. Before I go on I just […]

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polised tumbled stones after 5 weeks of rock tumbling

Rock Tumbling – another weeks has passed

Our rock tumbling activities have been running at full tilt for the last 7 days, as we have had 9 barrels on the go. Something of a record for us I think, we even had to press an old machine that was given to us a long time ago into service. Before I go on, […]

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all a part of the rock tumbling process

Rock Tumbling Process – Weekly Tasks

 Our Rock Tumbling Process Recently I shot a series of four short videos documenting a snippet in time of our rock tumbling process. Reason I say snippet in time is that we do our weekly check on the tumbling on a Monday and this was when I shot the videos. Rock Tumbling Process – Video […]

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