Lapis Lazuli Wire Wrapped Pendant

Lapis Lazuli, I have until recently found this a very difficult stone to work as I have never been able to achieve a nice polish at the end of the process, my finished item have always had a very dull finish with almost no shine.

On this item I went through all of the normal grits with my silicon carbide belts, 100, 240, 400 and 600 but this time I had a new item in my. I have a couple of resin impregnated belts for diamond paste.

I charged the belts up with the diamond paste, one with 30 micron and the other with ¼ micron.

I used the 30 micron belt first and after a very little time started to see some shine appear, then I moved onto the ¼ micron belt and we soon had a reflection appearing, something I had never been able to achieve before. No polish like cerium oxide is required.

A point to note, you have to be careful of heat build up with these belts as you do not use any coolant with them at all.

I think I need to add a couple of more diamond stages to fill the gap between the 30 micron and ¼ micron and the finish should become really deep shine.

As always I finished this piece off by wrapping with 925 sterling silver wire to create a finished pendant.

These items are destined to be placed on Shalini’s on line jewellery shop in the near future which can be found at

Sterling silver wire wrapped Lapis Lazuli cabochon

Thankyou for looking.


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    • Dave
    • October 16, 2018

    Hi Stu,
    thanks for getting in touch, this piece was created quite a while ago and was then subsequently sold, you can find it here. We could create something similar for you if you would like, let me know at your convenience.
    Best regards

    • Stuart Salasche
    • October 16, 2018

    I like the Sterling silver wire wrapped Lapis Lazuli cabochon but cannot find it on the website link you listed. Available? Price?

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