lapidary workshop

Cutting the Printstone

Looking Forward to being a busy Lapidary in 2011

In addition to working semi precious stones like Tiger Eye, Blue Lace Agate and the many others we have in stock I also want to revisit my big stock of Flint and get to know it better and maybe couple it with the copper wire to produce a range of “not too expensive” jewellery but keeping it in the same class as our Sterling Silver wrapped jewellery. I also like the Flint because it’s a material I collected myself from an excavation site, so there is more of a bond to it than the bought in rough that we have.

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Aluminium end spacer tube

Lapidary Workshop Prepared for use

After the long hard winter we have all just endured the Lapidary workshop was just too cold to be worked in, even the wood burning stove couldn’t cope, so it’s lain dormant for a quite a number of months. So yesterday we spent much of the day cleaning up out there, sorting out rocks, while […]

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Cabachon machine and polishing area

Lapidary Workshop Rebuilt

We have been talking for quite while now about rebuilding our Lapidary workshop in order to make it more efficient

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