Stamford Artisans Guild 2010 Show Dates Confirmed

Good news for all Crafters and Artisans in the Stamford Lincolnshire area, the Stamford Artisans Guild has announced their confirmed craft fair show dates for 2010. The shows detailed below will be held in the Stamford Arts Centre right in the heart of Stamford. You will find all manner of crafts on display varying from Glass Work, Lapidary, Jewellery, Floristry, Wood Work and many other crfats utilising a great deal of diverse skills all practiced by the Artsians and Crafters themselves.

The show dates are:

16 May 2010

25 July 2010

26 September 2010

5 December 2010

These shows will be held in the Stamford Arts Centre.

What makes these shows especially unique is that all items on display have been made by the crafters themselves so if you have questions you can ask the pesron on the stall and you will be sure to get a knowledgable answer. You will not find any ready made imported items at these shows, unlike many craft fairs, everything you will see here is uniquely hand crafted by the seller. What better place to find a one of a kind unique item.

The event last Christmas was absolutely buzzing all day, there were lots of visitors and it was good to observe the many conversations going on between the crafters and vistors and most of comments like “what a refreshing change it is to visit a proper craft show”.

For more information on these shows please visit the blog at:

For more information about the Guild and its activities, a good place to start is there home page:

For information about workshops being run by Guild members there is a dedicated page here:

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    • Dave
    • March 14, 2010

    Hi Jenny,

    first of all thanks for getting in touch and your nice comments regarding the flint. Now regarding your question, there are many shapes and sizes possible, but flint is very fragile and fractures very easily when being worked on the machines so getting down as small as a 1.2cm cab may prove interesting, but nevertheless we can have a go and see. However, it’s got to warm up a bit more before we start work out in the workshop again. I will get in touch when we start working out there again.

    Best regards


    • Jenny
    • March 13, 2010


    Sorry this is off topic, but I’ve just been looking at the beautiful flint cabochons you cut last year and was wondering if you would be able to cut some for me and if so, what shapes would be possible, for example, could you cut round cabs of say, 1.2cm diameter? I’m a jewellery designer/maker and really want to use flint cabochons in my work!

    Many thanks,

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