Lapidary Activities on Hold

I am sorry I haven’t made any new posts here for a short while it’s because I am recovering from a broken left collar bone at the moment which happened as a result of a motorcycle accident back on July 17th.

It is healing well but the doc’s told me it would take about 6 weeks so I am taking their advice and not putting any strain on it.

This has not only hindered my Lapidary activities but also my motorcycle courier business as well, both of which I need to get back into but only once this bone is fixed.

I aim to start cabbing again in early September, I think some more Labradorite will be first in the line as it’s my personal favourite followed by some Carnelian and of course some more Lapis Lazuli now that I am getting closer to understanding the polishing process for this rock.

That reminds me I must order a few more REZ belts and some more diamond paste as I believe these will allow me to bring the Lapis Lazuli to the next level.

I haven’t been totally away from the jewellery making though as I have strung and knotted a few strings of pearls for Shalini, think I will do some more later today.

Anyway all for now


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