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How to do a Rubber Barrel Inner Seal Repair

In this post I will explain how to repair rubber barrel inner seal. The inner seal on the Evans Cr02 rubber tumbling barrel comprises of two parts, an aluminium top plate with threaded shaft attached and a piece of rubber that’s bonded to the aluminium plate.
On one of our barrels the piece of rubber became detached from the aluminium plate which meant that the barrel couldn’t be used. This happens as grit and water slowly ingresses between the rubber and the aluminium and eat away at the glue that bonds them together.Evand Cr02 rubber barrel inner seal components

The next question was how do we fix this? For me the biggest consideration was the type of glue to use to bond them together again. I kept coming back to a rubber solution type of glue. The sort that you would use to repair bicycle inner tubes maybe. I guess it had to be slightly flexible, water poof and long lasting, in the end I settled on the Evo Stick Multi Purpose Impact Adhesive as shown hereevo stick contact adhesive

So the next task was to clean all the old glue and gunk off the aluminium top plate, this was a matter of pealing off the old glue, and scraping the stubborn bits off. Then I used nail varnish remover (thanks to Shalini for the loan) to degrease the aluminium lid. Finally I run some coarse wet and dry paper over it to rough it up a bit so the new glue could get a good grip. evans cr02 rubber barrel inner seal aluminium top plate

It really was very difficult to get the old glue off the rubber piece it just didn’t want to budge. So after thinking this through I decided to leave it alone and just rough it up a bit with the wet and dry paper.

Glueing the Inner Seal back together

Next step was to go and make a cuppa and then give the aluminium plate and rubber piece a thorough coating of the glue. I used a wooden stirring stick, the sort you get in café’s to stir your tea and coffee, to spread the glue evenly over the two surfaces. Then it was a matter of waiting for 10 minutes or so until the glue was tough dry.evans cro2 rubber barrel inners seal components glued

Remember this glue is a contact adhesive, meaning that when the two surfaces touch, that’s it, no room to move them. So you need to be very accurate when you put the two components together, it’s not difficult, just don’t rush and take your time..

Once I had glued them both together I decided to clamp them up for a few hours, just to let the glue really do it’s job. This step most probably wasn’t needed, but I just did because I felt it was the right thing. evans cr02 rubber barrel inner seal glued and clamped

At the end of all of this you will have one, good as new, repaired inner seal for your Evans Cr02 rubber tumbling barrel. I have been running this repaired inner seal for a good few weeks now and there is no sign of the aluminium plate or the rubber separating at all.rubber barrel inner seal repair - fixed and ready for use

So there you have it, how to do a  rubber barrel inner seal repair yourself using readily available materials.

Finally, if for some reason your inner seal is beyond repair or you need a new O ring, you can get a complete kit of spares here: “Evans Rubber Barrel Spares”

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