Rough Rock Shop Update

labradorite-rough-010cOver the last couple of weeks we have been very busy photographing, measuring and weighing the new rough rock stock for our on line inventory. And we are very pleased to tell you that there is now lots of stock available at very competitive prices.

This is an ongoing process as there is still quite a lot to add but we are working our way through it.

Most notable is the amount of rough Lapis Lazuli that we have added in varying shapes and sizes and soon we will be adding the largest piece of Lapis Lazuli that we have ever encountered, some 4.7kg’s in weight, a really nice specimen that would be ideal for a collection or for a sculpture.

Our rocks are available for all types of uses, lapidary, mineral and crystal collectors and of course Crystal healers, all are in uncut, untreated natural form, as they come straight from the mine, in fact some still have dust on them.denim-lapis-lazuli-rough-019c

One other notable addition is very large lump of Labradorite, again the largest we have ever seen ourselves, it’s almost as big as the Lapis I mentioned above and that will be available soon as well.

All of our rough rocks and minerals are physically here in the UK which is important as there will be no nasty surprises for UK purchasers like import duties, something we have been subjected to many time when importing rocks from abroad.

The shop has UK postage prices, but if you are buying from abroad we will get the best shipping prices from various carriers and advise you first before you commit to buying from us.

One final thing to mention, the rough rock you see in our shop is the same material that we use in our own Lapidary work so it’s NOT sub-standard  in any way.

So why not pay our rough rock shop a visit, you will be pleasantly surprised

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