Rough Rock Shop Open

The New Rough Rock shop has now been populated and is now live.

There is a good range of rough rock from all over the world to be found in the shop, much of it has been imported by us over the last few years.

The aim of our shop is to offer rough rock that is already in stock the UK which will get rid of the nasty surprises that sometimes happen when packages arrive from abroad, for example the unforeseen customs charges or the carriers “admin” charges and of course the long wait for it to arrive. All of our rough is in stock here in the UK and will be sent by Royal Mail first class, usually the day after you make your order.

The rough rock we offer is all good quality, we know this because it’s the same rough that we use in our Lapidary workshop to make the semi precious gemstones that Shalini uses in her jewellery, which you can see in her jewellery showroom.

Our rough rock may also be of interest to those involved in crystal healing and mineral collectors as well, of late we have been very pleased to see how knowledgeable children are in this field and they always leave our stall at craft markets with some tumble stones.

At this time we still have to add a large stock of Soronan Moss Agate to the shop which will be done after it has been photographed. There is also quite a lot of Ruby rough that will be suitable to the facetter’s out there to be added as well.

At the time of writing we also have a large amount of African Tiger eye winging it’s way to us, this will be listed in the shop soon after its arrival.

Although we have primarily set this shop up for the UK market, we are more than happy to post abroad but just keep in mind, overseas postage charges will have to be calculated so its best to contact us first if you find something you are interested in.

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