Motor Problem on an Evans CR2 Rock Tumbler

We have a Motor Problem on our Evans CR2 Rock Tumbler

We have started experiencing  a motor problem on one of our Evans CR2 Rock Tumblers in that after several hour running it will stop. As there in no thermal cut out the motor just gets hotter and hotter and could become a fire risk if left for too long!

I can only think it’s a motor problem so I started to hunt around for a replacement. First by trying to find contact details for Evans Lapidary, the manufacturers of the tumbling machine. But alas it seems they are no longer around. I later learnt that they had been bought by Kimber Allen ( thanks to John Hilton at Manchester Minerals for this lead), so the obvious thing to do is to contact them. Which I did, initially asking f they could supply a replacement motor, sadly they won’t. Next I asked them for technical specs for the motor, sadly they wouldn’t supply those either.

Removing the Electric Motor

motor problem on our evans cr2 rock tumblerIn the end I decided to open up the motor housing to see if there is a information plate on the motor with any technical details. I got lucky there is a sticker with information on the motor body, the lead I needed.


Did some more researching using the information from the motor sticker and I think I may have a supplier for a replacement motor. They requested photo’s of the motor and it looking like we have a result. I hope to order the replacement motor later this week and will let you know how we get on with it in a follow up post at some time.

As a result of this motor problem I had to remove the motor from the machine and I thought it would be an ideal opportunity for a short video. In this video I will remove the motor and in doing so you will also see how to access the drive belt.

We have a good conclusion to this story, the rock tumbler is now fixed and working, full story here:


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