Golden Labradorite Cabochons

I recently slabbed some Labradorite to try and increase my understanding of how to orientate it prior to cutting on the rock saw. Fortunately it appears that my understanding has grown as I was very satisfied with the outcome.

I then gave all of the Labradorite slabs a good clean and then selected one to make a few cabochons from.

Below is a picture of the slab I selected for the cabochons:

A slab of golden Labradorite

And here are the two cabochons I made from the slab:

Golden Labradorite Cabochon 1
Golden Labradorite Cabochon 2

I tried to use the bluey black area as a focal point on one of these cabochons and I feel it worked.

Now I need to find time to sit down and wrap them in some sterling silver wire!

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