When is black agate not black agate – when its flint!

Yep, I was mistaken when I thought I had found a lump of black agate in a field while on a recent courier trip, Sparkles has kindly pointed out to me that it was in fact high grade flint I had found!

Anyway as I said in a recent post, I was going to passing by this particular field again today, so I left home early to allow myself some time to do a bit of rock hounding again.

Well I had a “field day” no pun intended, as you can see from the picture I filled my boots, this field has lumps of flint all over the place. I think I must have picked up about 7kg’s of the stuff and would have collected more but I was on the bike, so was aware of the extra weight I would be carryng after I had collected the courier package further down the road.

Black flint

But as you can see there are a good range of shapes and sizes in the there, plenty of cab material and a good few loads for Shalini’s tumblers too.

I am sure I will be passing this place again in the not too distant future, maybe I should pick up some more.

Get the feeling that Shalini will be prepareing the tumblers this weekend as it looks like they in for some serious work very soon.

Anyway all for now


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