Time to prepare the workshop for use again

Well it’s starting to warm up a little here in the UK now so it’s time to start thinking about getting the machines in the workshop prepared for use again. It’s been too cold over the last few months to work out in the workshop so everything had been dormant out there.

So, I think I will spend some time tomorrow getting this ready for use again, the saw oil will need changing as it’s been in the sump for quite a while now, also have to do a few mods on the coolant system on the cabochon machine, the gravity feed we used last year was OK but didn’t provide the correct flow rate of water onto the wheels, so will be experimenting with a fish tank pump soon to see if that will improve matters.

The rock tumblers will also need a good clean and lubrication before they are pressed into service again.

We had bought a wood burner for use out in the workshop but we never quite got round to installing it, which I am glad about now. Why, well we changed our car which is much longer than the previous model so it encroaches on the space around the Lapidary benches, so it will be a complete reconfiguration of the benches as well before we can start production again.

We also have a quite a lot of stone to sort out as well, much of this has been collected from the local fields when out with the dogs, it’s mainly local agates but it polished to a really lovely shine, there also some nice pebbles too which can be cut and polished or put in the tumblers.

Before I go here is a nice piece of Carnelian we did last year from a rough nodule:

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