Rock Tumbler Spares

This range of Rock Tumbler Spares offers a broad coverage of the spares for the main UK rock tumbler manufacturers. This page is organised by general or generic spares first, for example: those that will fit on more than one manufacturers machines. Then it become more manufacturer specific, we cover Beach, Evans and Rotabarrel machine spares.

It is always recommend at least keeping a spare drive belt for your rock tumbling machine as these can go at anytime. Furthermore they are not the type of thing you can pop to your local hardware store for. So rather than having to wait a few days for a replacement to arrive, if you already have a spare you can fit it straight away meaning your production has hardly been interrupted!

3lb rock tumbler plastic barrelGeneral Rock Tumbler Spares

1.5lb Plastic Barrel for Stone Tumbling

2lb Plastic Barrel for Stone Tumbling

3lb Plastic Barrel for Stone Tumbling

1.5lb/2lb Rubber Barrel for Stone Tumbling

3lb Rubber Barrel for Stone Tumbling

End Cap for Plastic Tumbler Barrels

top assembly kit for 3lb beach rock tumblersBeach Tumbler Spares

Drive Belt for 2lb, 3lb and 5lb Beech models

5lb Beach Rubber Barrel for Stone Tumbling

5lb Beach Rock Tumbler Rubber Barrel O Ring

2lb Beech Tumbling Machine Top Assembly Kit

3lb Beech Tumbling Machine Top Assembly Kit

rock tumbler spares - drive belt for evans rock tumbling machinesEvans Tumbler Spares

Drive Belt for Evans machines

Evans Rubber Barrel Spares Kit

We have also recently sourced a spare motor for one of our own Evans CR2 machines, you can access the information in this post: Evans CR2 Rock Tumbler Replacement Motor

6litre rota barrel spare barrelRotabarrel Rock Tumbler Spares

Rota Barrel Tumbling Machine Drive Belt

3L Spare Barrel for Rota Barrel Machines

6L Spare Barrel for Rota Barrel Machines

Affiliate Notice

We are in an affiliate partnership with the UKGE Group for all Rock Tumbler Spares referred to on this page. This means that if you make a purchase on the UKGE Group site we will earn commission for that sale.

We get all our Rock Tumbler Spares from the UKGE Group. We have always found that their level of customer service and speed of delivering orders to be second to none. Therefore we  have no problem in recommending their products and services to our readers.

If you are looking for Rough Rock to use in your Tumbling machines, please do take a look our Rough for Tumbling Shop

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    • Dave
    • June 17, 2019

    Good morning Joseph, I am sorry for the late reply, the nearest thing to a square barrel that I am aware of are the Rotabarrel products which you can find on the page: just scroll down the page a bit to Rotabarrel Rock Tumblerspares section.
    Best regards

  1. I am looking for a square barrel to be used on a rock tumbler. Dose any one make one?

  2. Good morning J Ramsey,
    I a not familiar with the Chicago Electric dual drum tumbler you mentioned, but I guess that you mentioned that you have a “transformer” means it’s 110v. My best suggestion to you is to contact Matthew Ainsworth on or by phone 01243 869905. They are a UK company and I found them to be extremely helpful. You may find you will have to strip out the dead motor ans send it to them, so would advise you document things as you strip it out so you can get it back together again.
    If they can help you it might be a good opportunity to fit a 220v motor and do away with your transformer.
    Hope this help

  3. I have a Chicago 6lb tumbler that went bang. Long story short is the motor blew in the first day and yes I had a transformer etc. Will a Evans motor fit, or do I need to buy a complete new unit? I am in the UK and I really need a UK supplier for my needs. Thank you.

  4. Hi, I have a Chicago Electric Duel drum. 6lb (STUPID) machine I bought, and the first day of use after replacing my old tumbler, the motor fried and went up in a tiny ball of fire and smoke. Yes I had a transformer etc. I was wanting to know if any other motor would be suitable. IE the Evens or similar? Thank you very much. I would rather replace one part than a complete unit if possible. The machine is brand new.

    • Dave
    • January 30, 2019

    Good morning Mansell, thanks for getting in touch. We do not supply bearing but you could try the manufacturers at Telephone: 01932 881292 or Email: their website is
    Hope this helps
    Best regards

    • Mansel Phillips
    • January 29, 2019

    I am looking for the bearings for the 5lb beach tumbler, are you able to supply then or know of where I can purchase a set.

    Thank you

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