Quartz Dowsing Wand

Quartz Dowsing Wand

Recently a friend of mine at work gave me an odd shaped piece of Quartz and asked me if I could make her a dowsing wand out of it. She wanted it smoothed, shaped and polished.

So I said I would give it go, but told I have never made one of these before and I was wary because the Quartz had some quite deep crevasses in it, that the end result might be quite thin, but she asked me to give it a try anyway.

The first job was to try and shape it and get some points on it which in the end happened quite easily and then I gave it a polish on the wheels and it came up quite nicely.

Next we had to get some wire on it to create a hoop at the top so it could be suspended from a chain, I did think about drilling a hole, but was wary of that because I was afraid it might fracture, so in the end I made a wire hoop and glued it on, once this was dry I wrapped around the top with a thinner gauge wire, I applied a small amount of glue first just to grip the wire as it was wrapped and that worked.

Here is the end result, my first dowsing wand!


a simple quartz dowsing wand

I am sure we could make dowsing wands now from any piece of rock that you may have.



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