Thunder Bay Amethyst Radio Interview

I can’t believe that I haven’t shared this so far. The day we launched our http://www.thunderbaycrystals.co.uk web site, Shalini tweeted about it. The very next morning there was a call from CBC Thunder Bay asking if we would be willing to do a radio interview with them, of course we would. So the next day, […]

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Thunder Bay Crystals Shop Goes Live

We are proud to announce that our latest on line shop, catering solely to a range of minerals and crystals from Thunder Bay, Canada has now gone live. At this time there is a quantity of Chevron Amethyst available which you might also know as being called Auralite 23. It’s available in all shapes and […]

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Mobile Phone Emulation

The Rough Rock Shop goes Responsive

The Rough Rock Shop now on Mobile and Tablet The brains of our outfit, Shalini has just spent the last week rebuilding the Rough Rock Shop into a responsive site, this means that it is now much easier to use on a Mobile Phone or Tablet and of course it still works on your desktop […]

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Thnder Bay Chevron Amethyst, also known as Aurarlite or Aurarlite 23

Thunder Bay Chevron Amethyst

Thunder Bay Chevron Amethyst, also known as Auralite   A while back a friend of our who is a Crystal Healer asked us if we could source some Chevron Amethyst from the Thunder Bay area of Canada, in fact he called it Aurarlite, I said sure, but I must admit at that time I didn’t […]

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tumblestone 002a

Rough Rock Shop – Latest

Over the last week or so the camera has been working overtime as we have replenished some stock and added some new lines as well. We have had the new stock of Zebra Stone for a while, but now it’s available, this time it came in smaller chunks so we decided to offer it as […]

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Rough Rock Shop Update

It’s been a while since I made a post, but I thought I should let you know that we have been busy in the background increasing our rough rock stock. We have recently added a number of new lines into the rough for tumbling categories, which you can see from the menu “Rough Rock Stock” […]

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Zebra Stone slabs

Slicing Up the Zebra Stone and Printstone Rough

Muddy Sunday – Slicing the Zebra Stone and Printstone Just over a year ago we were asked by a client if we could work some Zebra Stone for her and create some pendants which we did, and ever since we have been looking for some Zebra Stone of our own to work with. Not so […]

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Our second block of Rough Zebra Stone unworked

The Zebra Stone and Printstone have arrived from Australia

The Zebra Stone and Printstone have arrived from Australia Ever since we undertook a commission just over a year ago, we have been looking for some good Zebra Stone for ourselves, and we finally found it a little while ago. At the same time that we found the Zebra Stone we were also introduced to […]

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Can Anyone Identify these Rough Rocks

We recently bought a mixed box of rocks which contained two rocks we can’t identify, does anyone know what they are please? In the consignment we also received a huge lump of Labradorite and Blue Aventurine, must be over 8lb each but I haven’t measured and weighted them yet. Here are the two unidentified specimens: […]

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