evans 6lb double barrel rock tumblers

Rock Tumblers for Polishing Stones

Rock Tumblers have been used for many years to make smooth, shiny polished stones from rough rocks. People tumble pebbles they find on the beach or bits of other rocks they find when out and about. Then there are those that only tumble semi precious rough rocks like Amethyst and Carnelian to name a few. […]

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Dop Stick – How To Set One Up With A Stone

The dop stick is a very important aid to the Lapidary Artist, allowing for a method to securely hold a stone whilst it being worked. While at the same time keeping fingers away from the highly abrasive and fast rotating grinding wheels. Ask anyone who has used a Lapidary grinding machine without a dop stick […]

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silicon carbide grits for rock tumbling

Silicon Carbide Grits and Polishes

Without silicon carbide grits it would be very difficult to run a rock tumbler. The various grits, for example: 20, 60, 80, 220 and 400, 600 and 1200 are used to progressively grind out the imperfections on your rocks, with the 20 grit being the most aggressive. Another important material for the tumble process is […]

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motor problem on our evans cr2 rock tumbler

Motor Problem on an Evans CR2 Rock Tumbler

We have a Motor Problem on our Evans CR2 Rock Tumbler We have started experiencing  a motor problem on one of our Evans CR2 Rock Tumblers in that after several hour running it will stop. As there in no thermal cut out the motor just gets hotter and hotter and could become a fire risk […]

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green - blue Fluorite

Green – Blue Fluorite

Green – Blue Fluorite from Mexico is available to buy from our Rough Rock Shop. Here you can see a small piece of green – blue Fluorite rough which has been polished on our diamond polishing wheels. The purpose of this video is to show the high level of polish that can be achieved on […]

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Calligraphy Jasper Rough for Tumbling

Calligraphy Jasper Tumbling Rough

Rough Calligraphy Jasper for tumbling is available to buy in our Rough Rock Shop in 100 gram packs. Calligraphy Jasper has a hardness rating of 7 on the MOHS scale. I put one polished face on a piece of Calligraphy Jasper to give you an idea of how well it polishes. Have a look in […]

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evo stick contact adhesive

Rubber Barrel Inner Seal Repair – Rock Tumblers

How to do a Rubber Barrel Inner Seal Repair In this post I will explain how to repair rubber barrel inner seal. The inner seal on the Evans Cr02 rubber tumbling barrel comprises of two parts, an aluminium top plate with threaded shaft attached and a piece of rubber that’s bonded to the aluminium plate. On […]

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tumblestone 003a

New Rough Rock Stock

Two new additions to our rough for tumbling stocks have been added today, they are: Calligraphy Jasper and Cobra Agate More information: Calligraphy Jasper Cobra Agate

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Rough Rock Shop home page

Rough Rock Shop August 2015 Update

Hi, this last week has been quite busy for us with the Rough Rock Shop! We have a few changes in the Rough for Tumbling section: Additions: Green Aventurine Red Aventurine Yellow Jasper   Extra Shipping Option: We have introduced an additional Shipping option that offers very favourable rates to destinations in Europe. This will […]

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