More Wire Sculpture Gem Trees

We have now finished the second and third of our wire sculpted gem trees, they have both been adorned with rose quartz chips on the branches.

Tree number 2 is mounted on a slab of rock and the sand has been dyed with indian ink to give the effect of grass and moss.

Wire Sculpture Tree 2 Finished
Wire Sculpture Tree 2 Finished

This Rose Quartz gem tree is now availabkle to purchase through Shalini’s Jewellery showroom by following this link:

Wire sculpture tree number 3, was more challenging because we mounted it on a flint nodule, the challenge was in getting the glue not to run off the flint as we tried to stick the sand onto it, again this one has had the sand dyed with Indian ink to give the effect of grass growing around the roots.

Wire Sculpture Tree 3 Finished
Wire sculpted tree 3 completed with rose quartz chips on branches

This wire sulptured gem tree is avaiable for purchase through the Jewellery By Shalini showroom, here is a direct link:

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