Lapidary Workshop Heater

lapidary workshop heaterThanks heavens for trusty old lapidary workshop heater! Yesterday I had to do some work for one of Shalini’s clients. They had sent her some stones, not sure what they are, to be made into a pendant and two sets of earrings.

To be honest I was a bit dubious about going out in the workshop as it was so cold. Just the thought of the cold water on my fingers from the cab machine. But I had to try as this jobs needs to be back in the clients hands pronto.

So I went and grabbed a pile of old accounts papers, they were from 2007! They have to be disposed of so why not turn them to ash and heat the workshop at the same time.

Fortunately the workshop soon started to warm up, so that’s how I spent the next few hours. Working on the stones and filling up the lapidary workshop heater with old accounts papers. Wood burners make great workshop heaters as you can burn scrap wood in them. I found a good one if I ever need to replace ours, you can see it here: lapidary workshop heater

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