Got to get some Cabachons made

As you will be aware, the rough rock shop is live. So now I have to get some Cabochons made to go in the shop, think I will start with some Labradorite and then do some Lapis Lazuli, simply because O have some of these two already slabbed, now I just need to make the to go and do it!

2 thoughts on “Got to get some Cabachons made”

  1. Hi,

    we have had a good time with Sodalite both in the tumblers and on the wheels, just take it through the tages and it polishes up nicely with cerium oxide on felt.

    All the best


  2. Have you ever cut and polished Sodalite? I was wandering what it would look like as I have’nt seen any anywhere only in rough form.

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