Diamond Saw for Lapidary

beach diamond sawThe Diamond Saw really is the standard equipment for cutting up rocks, especially very hard Agates and Quartz. These saws have a circular blade ranging from a few inches to 3 feet or more in diameter. The size of the rock to be cut dictates the size of the blade that’s needed and once the blade exceeds 8 inches you need special cooling liquid.

All diamond saw blades need some form of liquid coolant, to that end most saws have a sump that the blade runs in, picking up coolant as it rotates. For most smaller blades, 8 inches and under, water is normally an adequate coolant. Blades larger than 8 inches need some form of additive to be added, we use one called “metprep” mixed with water.

Types of Diamond Saw Blade

As a rule there are two types of blade used in Lapidary, the sintered rim and the continuous rim blade. The sintered rim is normally more aggressive and leaves a less tidy cut, whereas the continuous rim blade leaves a nice clean face after cutting.

Diamond Saws we can offer

Our full range of Lapidary Diamond Saws

For thin cuts you need a trim saw like this Beach Diamond Saw

Rocks up to 22mm thick can be cut with this Einhell Diamond Saw 600

You can cut up to a depth of 25mm with the Vitrex Diamond Saw 750 Pro

Thicker material up to 35mm thick can be cut with the Vitrex Diamond Saw 800 Pro

Our own Beach Trim Saw in action:

View this video direct on Youtube https://youtu.be/uuSFDXgfE24


Affiliate Notice

We are in an affiliate partnership with UKGE for all the Diamond Saw products referred to on this page. This means that if you make a purchase on the UKGE site we will earn commission for that sale.

We purchase a lot of our Lapidary requirements from UKGE. We have always found that their level of customer service and speed of delivering orders to be second to none. Therefore we  have no problem in recommending their products and services to our readers.

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