Thunder Bay Chevron Amethyst

Thunder Bay Chevron Amethyst, also known as Auralite

A sample of Thunder Bay Amethyst


A while back a friend of our who is a Crystal Healer asked us if we could source some Chevron Amethyst from the Thunder Bay area of Canada, in fact he called it Aurarlite, I said sure, but I must admit at that time I didn’t even know anything about Auralite, so I started searching and learning.

Our introduction to Auralite from Canada

About a week later I had an unexpected email drop into my inbox from a mine owner from that very area, coincidence or what! We get lots of emails like this, mainly from India offering us all kinds of rough rocks, but we aren’t big enough to import container loads at a time, anyway I digress.

I wrote back to the mine owner to ask for more information, pictures and prices and I also told our Crystal Healer friend as well, he was wildly excited to say the least.

So to cut a long story short we took the plunge and ordered 10Kg’s of the Amethyst, to keep costs down we had it shipped from Canada to the UK by sea and it arrived about 8 weeks later and as always there was excitement in our house, there always is when a new batch of rocks arrive.

This is another sample of Thunder Bay Chevron AmethystWhen we opened the package there was literally loads of the Chevron Amethyst, in all shapes and sizes, in fact I think there was more in there than we actually ordered, plus some other samples which were really good.

Now at this point I must be honest, I know nothing about Crystal Healing except that a lot of people believe in it and practice it and I don’t knock it in any way at all, it’s just that I don’t feel the energy from a chunk of rock, I can appreciate it’s beauty but that’s about as far as it goes with me.

What’s so special about Auralite?

We had been told by our friend that this Chevron Amethyst from Thunder Bay has fantastic energy stored within it, due to the fact that there are many different types of minerals within it, again I must stress this is what I have been told, I am no expert. In fact the name he used for it was Auralite or Auralite 23 and that it came specifically from Thunder Bay in Canada, so I can only assume that this is what we have and rely on the feedback from the people I have described below who have been given samples of it.

So we have given a few pieces to our friend and a few other people we know who practice Crystal Healing and I hasten to add none of these people know each other. We did this as a sort of experiment to see what sort of feedback we received. A week or so passed and we started get reports back about their experiences with the Amethyst we had given them, and do you know it was all along the same lines, lot’s of energy from the rocks. We have since asked them if they would write up their experiences so we can publish them.

As you can see, the samples we have now are quite light in their colouring, but the next consignment, due in September will have some much darker samples as well.

So I guess this rock won’t be meeting the saw at anytime, we may wrap some to make into pendants but we won’t be cutting it like we do with other rock as it seems to be pretty special for Crystal Healing community.

Thnder Bay Chevron Amethyst, also known as Aurarlite or Aurarlite 23 Now we are in the process of weighing, measuring and photographing the samples we have, these will be made available through a new site we are developing now which can found at at the moment the site has very little information on it but we have made a form on their so you can register your interest if you wish, and we will let you know as soon as it goes live.

But what I can say is that this new web site will be exclusively for this Rough Chevron Amethyst known as Auralite and any other minerals that come from these Thunder Bay mines.

So watch this space as they say!

Rough Rock Shop – Latest

Over the last week or so the camera has been working overtime as we have replenished some stock and added some new lines as well.

We have had the new stock of Zebra Stone for a while, but now it’s available, this time it came in smaller chunks so we decided to offer it as it is rather than slabbing it.

Also added are larger pieces of Bloodstone that will be suitable for cutting and cabbing and I have also broken some of it up to replenish the tumble stock which is now also available. For a while we though this was not a good batch of Bloodstone as there wasn’t much red fleck that was noticeable, but after I started breaking it up for the tumble packs, the flecks appeared, so they are there! But we will keep this batch at the reduced price that it’s at now.

What else, oh yes Moonstone, again this has been out of stock for a while, but it’s now back in both tumble and cutting sizes.

Chevron Amethyst, we have replenished the tumble size stock and also introduced a range that sits between the small tumble size and larger cutting size, and talking about the larger size, this has been shipped to us today so should be with us soon.

Our 100g tumble packs continue to be popular with our customers as they can mix and match the different types of rock and only buy what they need to make a up a barrel load.

We will continue to photograph and offer all our rough rock individually as we do now, excepting the tumble packs, because we believe that it’s right that you see the actual rock you are buying and we do not believe in forcing our customers to buy more than they want, for example by offering it in a minimum weight quantity, as we do realise that not everyone is buying for Lapidary purposes, Collectors and Crystal Healers also buy from us.

Other news, in the near future we hope to have some Ruby in Zeosite available and a new site too, this one will be dedicated to range of rough rocks from the Thunder Bay area of Canada only, more on this as things progress.

Well that’s about all for now, but thanks to our visitors and customers for dropping by and leaving comments and making purchases, we don’t aim to be the biggest, we just want to make sure you are happy with what we offer.

Finally please do remember that we will ship our rocks worldwide, but in order to ensure you get the best postage rates we ask that you use these guidelines they may seem a little long winded but they really do work and save our overseas customers a considerable amount.


Dave & Shalini