Quartz Dowsing Wand

Quartz Dowsing Wand

Recently a friend of mine at work gave me an odd shaped piece of Quartz and asked me if I could make her a dowsing wand out of it. She wanted it smoothed, shaped and polished.

So I said I would give it go, but told I have never made one of these before and I was wary because the Quartz had some quite deep crevasses in it, that the end result might be quite thin, but she asked me to give it a try anyway.

The first job was to try and shape it and get some points on it which in the end happened quite easily and then I gave it a polish on the wheels and it came up quite nicely.

Next we had to get some wire on it to create a hoop at the top so it could be suspended from a chain, I did think about drilling a hole, but was wary of that because I was afraid it might fracture, so in the end I made a wire hoop and glued it on, once this was dry I wrapped around the top with a thinner gauge wire, I applied a small amount of glue first just to grip the wire as it was wrapped and that worked.

Here is the end result, my first dowsing wand!


a simple quartz dowsing wand

I am sure we could make dowsing wands now from any piece of rock that you may have.



Chevron Amethyst – is it becoming rarer

Of late we have had a few custom orders for large Amethyst pendants, the specification has mainly been as large as possible with the deepest, darkest purple available.is chevron amathyst becoiming harder to find these days

What a challenge, looking around the only large slabs I could find were quite light purple, I called my regular suppliers but they had nothing either and couldn’t suggest where to find any.

So I had a good rummage through my rough and decided to sacrifice a couple of chunks of Chevron Amethyst in my quest for a largish piece of deep purple Amethyst I could use.

I cut a couple of pieces so I was left with the dark area but soon realised that although it might be dark on the outside it can have lighter areas on the inside, it really is pot luck, but on this occasion I got lucky and had enough for two pendants, but now I am out of decent Chevron Amethyst almost.

The chunks I have left over after keeping the dark area are still very interesting with interesting patterns of dark and light. Of course these won’t be discarded as they will be shaped and polished and used in Jewellery.

I have started to look for so we can restock but am noticing that shipping costs are becoming very prohibitive from abroad, especially from the US to UK and it look like this Chevron Amethyst is becoming harder to find, maybe because it’s in short supply or maybe it’s just not in vogue these days.

Anyway we have had another bespoke order come in for a pendant and earring set, and you guessed it has to have a large pendant with matching earring in the deepest, darkest purple I can find!

The search continues and when I find a stock of Chevron Amethyst I will get more into my shop